Never underestimate the power of, and the need for backups.

Good news:

MacBook died suddenly in May.
Had backup of all work and school files to date (Google Drive for Mac).
Had a dated but still useful backup copy of system settings and ALL files on a local network drive (TimeMachine – a free, bundled into MacOS by Apple. There are alternatives for Windows and Linux).
All web servers we rely on at, are backed up incrementally every night and entire snapshots taken once a month. Good practice. Served me well.

Bad news:

You may not know the pain of not having a backup until you need it. As I did for a project that started off as experimental and grew some wings and I hadn’t bothered to back it up. You know, I planned to get to that, some day.

Woke up that morning and life had happened to the project. And there is no backup.

The manual work to restore from diagrams, clippings, emails etc., will take a few weeks – time that could have been better used.


Back it up. Better you don’t need it but have it, than to need it and not have it.
That’s it.



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