Oluwakorede Asuni engages school children to support the MDGs, in ENGAGE, Friday 17th October, 2008, Government Secondary School, Minna

ENGAGE is a 30 minute event that will incoporate:

A short lecture on the MDGs: by Mr. Oluwakorede Asuni, focusing on the History of the MDGs, local accomplishments in Nigeria, and what we will benefit if the MDGs are achieved.

A video showing extreme poverty

Circulation of a leaflet highlighting and advocating the attainments of the goals. This document will be written in English, Hausa, Gwari and Nupe —the last three being the local languages of the community.

Collection of 500 or more signatures of participats for a petition asking all stakeholders — Federal Government of Nigeria, Niger State Government, Local Government, Local Education Authority etc.—to work hard and accomplish the gooals on time.

Event Goal: Is to obtain 500 signatures or more of young people who want their leaders to commit to achieving the MDGs, on or before the deadline.

Date of Event:  Oct 17 2008 10:20am – 11:00am

Event Host Organization: I (Oluwakorede Asuni) am hosting this event with moral and organisational support from:  Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO), Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), International Young Proffessionals Foundation (IYPF) — all of whom I have enjoyed affiliations with over the last 12 -36 months.



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