My Stand Up Events: ENGAGE I & II

My Commitment to Development especially in rural communities came to the fore when last weekend I held two Stand Up and Take Action events I tagged ENGAGE I and II.

Both events held in Minna the capital city of the Niger state and the home of the Federal University of Technology, Minna. Both events were planned to inform young people of the MDGs, the journey so far and what we as a nation must do to for these set of goals which many has rightfully described as minimum developmental goals must be achieved on or before the agreed deadline of 2015, but also ensure we surpass them in the years following the deadline.

At both meetings young people were charged to contribute their best to the development of their immediate community and encourage their friends, peers and allies to do same because this way and this way only can we gradually but eventually spread development across the geography of our nation.
Having identified that Governments control the most resources and can be the most effective in initiating, sustaining and ensuring the development of any country, state r people and bearing in Mind that they were our representatives who dreamed up and accented to the MDGs in 2000, young people signed a petition asking our leaders to commit to the MDGs and ensure they are achieved by the target dates. Participants also pledged their support to their leaders in actualising the MDGs.

For me it was a wholesome experience as I saw young people enthusiastically pick interest in the MDGs (some were obviously hearing for the first time about these goals) and resolving to reach out to their communities contributing several man hours in the areas of their expertise to the development of their people.

Though numbers fell short of my anticipations, I was quite fulfilled that those who participated each event returned to their various homes with a quite resolve to make the world better. I have commenced plans for follow up events that will keep attendees fired up for a long time thus ensure they act out their commitment while I also continue to use resources at my disposal to ensure many more commit to the collective tasks of achieving the goals.

Oluwakorede Asuni,
Oluwakorede Asuni is an author, a Youth Empowerment Advocate, he lives in Minna where he is currently completing a one year national youth service. He believes in the resourcefulness of young people and notes that if properly guided they can make the much needed difference between where we are and where we want to be.
He is very optimistic about of the future!
Links to my events on the Stand Against poverty website:
Engage I:
Engage II:

See pictures from the events below:
Oluwakorede Asuni, engaging Students of the Government Secondary School, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria



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