Praying for the President

Written originally on Monday 30supth/sup November 2009
I hate to get unnecessarily emotional, but learning earlier today the President’s ailing health took a worse turn and as such has postponed his return from Saudi Arabia indefinitely was/is scary.
Last Thursday’s rumour of his death is the second in one year. The first being earlier this year when there were no official releases as to where he was or what was happening to him –after he refused to return on time from the lesser hajj, the lesser hajj in itself is critiques stated was a mere cover up. People were forced to speculate and it did not take long for rumours to circulate he was dead. A broadcast media (a TV station) was fingered and punished by the state for igniting a search for the President’s true status then.
Oats of secrecy (administered on Presidential aides) and a sacked Secretary to the Federal Government after, things seemed to have improved as only a few days ago, the president’s media aide, gave a graphic illustration of the events leading to the President’s hurried departure to Saudi Arabia again on medical grounds.
The media is agog with stories of President’s ailment. Punters are already betting on who will be the next president, and it seems all is set for the President’s departure from office on medical grounds.
I feel a similar concern to what I feel when a close associate or family is ill. And I am doing what I do in those circumstances. Pray. I pray the president does not die, but to return to good health and retire to his Kastina country home.
No, I do not appreciate his political’ lukewarmness’ and his display of lack of ambition to make Nigeria work. And I will not vote for him in 2011 if he stands for re election.
But, still, I will pray: may the president not die.
I agree, this is being sentimental away from my usual philosophical approach to issues. But all the same: God save our President .



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