Reflections on ‘things’ from the IGF09

Titans  from the academe, industry, civil society and the in betweens (we cannt always categorize everybody)  are gathered amongst the pyramids of  Egypt at the IGF 2009 conference to discuss the future of information managment and sharing – hope google is represented!

As should be expected, in a gathering of such magnitude there will be many anecdotes, rhetorics, statistics, pitches, puns etc. embeded in long papers/presentations and I have decided to share my reflections (and may be some pun too) here.

This post will sure grow as I will update as facts emerge from the conference.

“Video will account for 64% of mobile traffic by 2013; an average household watches over 1 hour of video daily.”-Cisco representative.

Sure that data does not include those people in Kutigi – and many places like it, Niger State Nigeria, where power (electric power) is an unaffordable luxury and other basic amenities are articles of election campaign promises.

Perhaps restating the fact without taking statistical liberty would have put the message in better perspective. Sure the digital divide still exists and hugely so…!



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