Channel analytic
How not to fall into the trap of vanity metrics
13 October 2021
Knowing the bit I do about YouTube's algorithm - which is similar to most social media platform's - its key goal is to keep viewers on the platform for as much and as long as possible, thus selecting and presenting to users, either on the users' landing page, search results, or recommended videos (which follows after a video is watched completely by users) what the users' watch history suggests the user will likely watch. I am quite...
Channel dashboar
Baaaby! We grew the channel!!!
02 October 2021
Yep! Erm... we did it!!! Having had some doubts - like any one starting a new career or journey would - it is quite gratifying to cross a milestone (well, I defined it, for myself). This month, I am challenging myself to publish a video daily - short, crisp, straight to the jugular conversations, but also well produced. Not too late to catch the challenge and subscribe to the channel !!!
Forever After
You, do not have forever!
30 September 2021
What you have is now. Only, now. And as time progresses towards the future, you have yourself instantaneous new nows.  With the old nows out of reach and now useless to you, except of course, if you have made something of the old nows which you can take along to the new now. With every new now comes new challenges and responsibilities - well for most people. And as nows pile, so does the responsibilities and challenges one has to deal with...
Business Analysi (2)
BA Summit 2021
27 September 2021
The largest gathering of business analysts and business analysis in the Southern hemisphere is around the corner! This year, like last year, the conference will be virtual. However, it promises to exceed ALL expectations. The speaker line up is epic and so are the topics up for presentations and discussions. The conference is themed and organized around the accelerated changes to business and personal lives globally - occasioned by yes, the...
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Eleven lessons from 11 years of marriage
26 September 2021
There is no substitute for open, honest conversations. ALWAYS keep the environment safe - as open and honest conversations only exist and thrive of the fertile ground of safety. Sometimes, all you need to do is listen. The time for solutioning will come and you will have the opportunity to say what you think could have been done better or avoided etc. You are your partner's biggest cheerleader. Don't cede that role, irrespective of what...
youtube (1)
Visual Communication - series teaser
20 September 2021
Visual communication brings to life the saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Product and project teams, especially those that are geographically dispersed and has a diversity of spoken and written language never underestimate the power that visual communication brings into aligning team members. There are a myriad of visual communication tools, techniques, and frameworks - ranging from the standardized to the general. In a...
19 September 2021
Popularized by the wiz, Walt Disney. Plussing is a concept applied by product managers to make a good product great. It is easy to apply. You have a product in the market that customers are using (or you have just introduced what you believe is the MVP for your product). You 'plus' by planning, scheduling and releasing additional features to the product. With the aim of making a good product great! Or converting a bad product to a good one. To...
17 September 2021
Short, self contained stories or reports of true events or people. Useful as a way to remember key points. Useless as a way of conveying important information. Useless because for those without context of what the anecdote summarises, the risk of misunderstanding rises significantly. So when creating anecdotes, include as much breadth and depth as you can manage. And when consuming anecdotes from others, ask a few questions: what...
How big is it?
16 September 2021
Is it even real? The problem you are seeking to solve. Does it exist outside of your imagination. And that of your team? Is it in the bug report? Are the customers are asking for it? Are the customers using your product in a way that makes it clear you have a problem, or they have a problem, you need to solve? Are your competition doing it? Are there customers happy as result? Is fixing it worth all the time and energy you are devoting...
15 September 2021
One of my favorite prioritisation tools. Short for: MUST haves. High priority items that the product/opportunity or challenge being addressed MUST have. These are product launch blockers. If you don't have them in place, you don't launch. Example: in South Africa and European Union, for any customer facing product, alignment to the privacy regulations (POPI and GDPR respectively) is non-negotiable. This is a MUST have! SHOULD haves. Important....
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