Something on thoughtfulness

For the most part, I didn’t set out to be a thoughtful person. It came natural. A consequence of trying to be a decent human.

I recall one of my first experiences of being called thoughtful.

My friend, who was quite older sent me a message that he has lost his father.

Tradition demands a befitting funeral for the elderly who has passed.

I was a way in college and can not travel to be with my friend as he organises the final rites for his late dad.

I was a poor college kid. Had very little money to my name.

I reached into my pocket money and purchased ‘mobile airtime’ and sent him the vouchers with a message similar to the below:

“Kindly accept this little token from me. I hope it helps in a small way in your running arounds to give baba a befitting farewell.”

He replied: This is quite thoughtful of you.

In my head, I wasn’t setting out for a thoughtfulness badge, I was just being a decent friend.



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