Hiked the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens Geological Trail

Date was 7th August, 2021.

A group of us, three friends, kept our promises to each other to hike the trail – the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden’s Geological Trail.

It was fun – as walking up a mountain can be.

A steep climb at first – hearts racing, knees trembling, the thought of turning back ever prevalent.

But we leaned in. We looked each other in the eye and each time saw the possibility of completing. At every point when turning back was an option, there was at least one person ready to continue and urging on the rest of the party (even though there was one person who did most of the urging and encouragement, we each took turn when our strength permits).

We shared stories. Stopped to take pictures. Stopped to take in the scene. Stopped to be thankful – thankful that we could do this, thankful we lived in a free society, thankful the beauty that is the geological trail existed.

And more importantly, we finished. We did not turn back.

And guess what, we made more promises. Promises to do this more often.

That is the beauty of not going it alone.

Whenever possible, take people with. You’d learn from their character. You will give of yours as well. And together you will create beautiful memories, products, experiences or whatever else you are passionate about.




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