Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians

Originally posted by Gbenga Sesan, here. Enjoy! In 2000, Nigeria reportedly had less than 200,000 internet users. The number grew to about 200,000 in 2001; about 400,000 in 2002; jumped to 1.61 million in 2003 and, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission, there were 1.8 million internet users in 2004. The most recent figure (2007) […]

Abandon TALK and begin TO DO!

Nigeria is beset by many challenges…far too numerous to enumerate here (and allow me to modestly say anywhere else). However, many have perfected the art and science of TALKING and doing nothing! Look, at the newspaper vendor stand, members of the free readers association will explain quite succinctly why we have problems in this country […]