Twitter: Making an Editor out of us all

Flexible and Compatible!

Not too long, I did a post on my facebook wall in my local language that we have yet to fully utilize facebook to its limits and now we have Twitter. Out of curiosity and having read a couple of posts on a colleagues Twitter page I decided to join the family of Twitters.
I was amazed at the flexibility involved in signing up for an account and the fact that your Twitter link can be short and direct depending on your username hence the longer your username, the longer your Twitter link, mine is . As long as you can remember you should be able to remember your page which can be shared easily and does not require authentification before someone can see your posts or thoughts.

Still relatively new to Twitter though, however very interesting to me is the editorial skills that many Twitter users will come to appreciate very soon, hopefully in their new or old life as bloggers, script/report writers and even with email messaging.

On Twitter you are restricted to 140 characters which mean you have very little space to write so much, while some might want to write on and on, Twitter provides you only with the space of writing the main points of thoughts. This is very useful in a fast moving world where many have little or no time to read long texts and it also helps in managing effectively our internet time. We are all left with pruning, reframing and rewording our thoughts an activity which used to be the exclusive preserve of professional editors.

The fact that Twitter can search my email database to pull out contacts that are already using this facility and its compatibility with facebook makes it more appealing and easy to use soon after signing up, though I am yet to be able to see the compatibility work with my facebook – some technical itches friends at Twitter claim they are working on, I am taking away two lessons from my “twittering” experience:

1. Flexibility of approach in meeting our audience needs and 2. Partnerships for greater results both of which can be seen from the signing up stage through to the process of “twittering” including compatibility with other communication/social network facilities respectively.

By the way Twitter started in 2006, how come we are just knowing about it now or is it that I have not been up to date? That’s a topic for another day.

Written by: Oluseyi Oyebisi



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