Oluwakorede Asuni

What if we could all be design thinkers?


That is possible. We would be doing what we are ding today in our different teams within the delivery pipeline, except that:

  1. We would be thinking more about the customer than our egos or what we believe to be smart;
  2. We would meet with real users (customers) – who have bought is using or will buy the product/service ;
  3. We would listen to and observe these real users (customers) in their habitat interacting with the service or product – yes, flash bulbs will go off (and may be not);
  4. We will build low/high fidelity prototypes of the changes we have defined with customer and test with multiple sets of customers;
  5. We will perform (3) and repeat (4) and;
  6. We would have an open mind and wouldn’t be scared of what we find out in (5), rather;
  7. We would factor our learnings into (4);
  8. Once a measure of comfort is reached, we will proceed with building the actual product/service;
  9. We will perform (1) to (8) to infinity;
  10. And we can brag that we are design thinkers!

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