YALDA: Committing Young People to Action for Africa’s Development!

Are you young? Determined to make a difference in your life and those of others? Interested in helping birth a new Africa? Will like to contribute your skills, time and other resources in actualising the dream for a better Africa!

Then you will be interested in the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development of Africa (YALDA). YALDA was established in 2004 by a group of students at the Harvard College, Cambridge USA. The group has since spread to over twenty (20) campuses all over the world and that list is growing.YALDA has as her cardinal objective the development of capacity for the birth of a new Africa – an Africa of our dreams, an Africa we deserve and an Africa we Africans and our friends will be proud of –has grown in leaps and bounds.
Specific objectives of the group include (but are not exactly limited to):
•    Creating in Africa’s young (at home and in the diasporas) the thirst for a new and better Africa and the desire to work for its accomplishment;
•    Creation of a worldwide network of young Africans (and Friends of Africa)students and young professionals  to regularly engage in discussions and synergies that can help initiate, support and/or sustain actualise the new Africa;
•    Creation of such environments that will provide mentorship opportunities for Africa’s young to learn from exceptional leaders in academia, business, politics and all other areas of human endeavour.
In achieving her objectives YALDA connects young people with one another as well as with resources to help them grow their community based initiatives, their careers and thus help them on their way to achieving personal fulfilment whilst contributing greatly to the development of Africa.

YALDA is led by a team of young Africans of differing nationalities and professional backgrounds and inclinations but all are united in their bids and work towards a better Africa.
YALDA welcomes member from all over the world including young Africa students and professionals and others with or without a direct link to Africa but with an interest to help rebuild Africa!

YALDA’s main online presence is at: www.YALDAfrica.org.

To get in touch and find out ways you can make your contributions to the birth of a better Africa,email:yaldafrica@gmail.com.

‘Although the role of youth in African leadership and development is often underrepresented and/or ignored, we believe that it is the youth who have an interest in finding innovative solutions to the problems that continue to afflict Africa and its people.  Our hope is that you and fellow colleagues will take advantage of the resources and networking opportunities YALDA offers in order to increase the capacity of youth to effect change in their lives and societies.’



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