2011 – Awake and Sweating

Goal - creative image courtesy of Getty ImagesIts 3am and I am wide awake again – sweating profusely and unable to return to sleep. The question eating away at me is ‘When will I complete my plans for the starting year?’.

In time past I always have this ready by the time the new year is welcomed.

Usually following a few days of hard analysis (and sometimes consultations with mentors) of the ending year’s achievements and failings and the many additions and notes I have in the course of the year attached to the year’s goals list. Then a peek at the long term plans (which almost always suffer from amendments and improvements given new knowledge and expectations and also given the very undetailed stage I prefer to leave the looong term goals for the same purpose) and pheew the new year’s list of goals +  justifications + plans and thoughts on reaching them.

I have found it easier to keep going when I have a goal in mind.

I measure, cut, measure again, sew and move on. Review, cut again and sew again and move on.

I have not always achieved all set goals  – now you know a second reason why I woke up sweating –  but I have always at any given time been with a sense of purpose and more importantly been able to say to myself, here is where I am at.

This year, with the goals still being worked at, I am resolute about  working as (a) hard and as (b) smart as possible, bursting the seams of limitation and conventional thinking as much as I can. These my father told me is one sure way to go.



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