e-Consultation on Migration: Participate now!!!

Greetings wonderful people!

Your participation in the first two weeks of the Youth Consultation on Migration and Development is greatly appreciated! This is the third and final week of the consultation, and will focus on policy coordination and climate change.

The effects of migration on development are complex and depend on many different factors, from immigration rules to ease of overseas investment to social services available to migrants and their family members. This week, we ask you which different government agencies and social organizations should be included in making migration policies. We also ask you about one specific factor which can affect migration: climate change. The Global Forum on Migration and Development in November will include a round-table discussion on the importance of factoring climate change into migration planning. We ask you what governments should do for populations forced to move by climate changes that affect homes or crops.

You can access this week’s survey at: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?l=en&formkey=dGRfZWd4VnhSOWtxWWVYMlFoclBuaXc6MQ

Please feel free to share with anyone else who may be interested. We thank you in advance for your response!

Peace,~Shantell L. Scott ?



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