My 101st post

Logged in to do a post and realised my last post was my 100th here.

This seem a milestone and I decided to celebrate with my 101st post.

I remember clearly when a friend and then mentor – ‘Gbenga Adeyemo  – first mentioned the word blog to me in 2005 and my deep confusion at hearing the word and my subsequent attempt at demystifying the whole thing. I remembered creating my first blog on got stuck afterwards for lack of what to write about. My return to it later on and my inability to find it and subsequent creation of another on the same platform and then later hopping unto the social network for young development workers I remember when I trended – that was not the word, I think featured was  –  for several weeks unending.

I remember my first attempt to upgrade my blog software – yes, you guessed correctly it ended up in a disaster!

I remembered following on a near daily basis the writings of Ayo Oladejo on hayspiration, Deolu Akinyemi on, ‘Gbenga Sesan in Oro.

I remember how ecstatic I get when I get comments on my posts  – still rarely happens and hope of more gets slimmer by the day as there are more and more blogs out there and also especially as I do not write on anything in particular but whatever catches my fancy at the moment.

What blogging has done for me? A lot I will say (1) it has helped me add my fair share of confusion to that which already existed on the internet (2) allowed me a space to say what I think (3) share my experience with friends and help them get started adding much more to the body of human knowledge  (4) assisted institutions get up on their feet (online)  …(50) and so on 🙂

In the time I started to blog, I have seen bloggers transit from  hobbyists to professionals. I have seen he blogsphere fill up with more useful information (check my blog roll) as well as (sadly) several ‘flukist’ creating multiple blogs and sharing links between this and promoting some sort of money making scheme or the another which at best sells recycled information always at a discount and with a limited time offer.

In the time to come, I hope to see blogging become . . .



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