An Obama America?

Also written sometime ago :), please Enjoy!

America is so so far away and like a friend of mine remarked recently “does not concern me!”

However, I  am interested in an Obama America which from all indication will ensure the world is a more peaceful place to live …..

I have been involved with the campaign here in Nigeria. Though aware that Nigerians can not vote in the American elections, I have joined several others to raise awareness regarding the possibilities and benefits of an Obama America to the America, Africa and the world at large.

I support Obama, though I like Mrs. Clinto for hersupport of her husband i his arrowing hour at the white house and for helping stead the tide of the Clinton White House scandal by not deciding to divorce a lying and cheating husband. However my loyalty lies with Obama who has come  to represent change, confidence and a fearlessness of sorts.

He has dared to challenge the status quo, beaten cowardice to attempt defying the odds. Either win or loose Obama is My heroe.



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