Discovering Abuja without a guide


Its’ been twenty four hours (or thereabout) since I arrived for a brief meeting in Abuja and I am discovering the beautiful city without my usual guide.

Abuja reminds me of J’bourg which is about the only other national capital in Africa I have seen and walked. I love the scenery and organisation. Oh my…people waited their turn at traffic lights and this in Nigeria.

Leaving this wonderful city-whose market (Wuse market) I spent a few hours at window shopping off-course and admiring the cleanliness –Tejuosho market anybody?-tomorrow seem a burden,now.

My guide, who knows the city well and has been VERY helpful in the past, deserted me under a very silly guise yesterday. He has always put up very funny acts in the past and I have always known he cannot be fully trusted. He has quarrelled with everybody I know him with or have met through him at some point or the other and bad enough he also has a way of blaming others for his shortcomings – men I have seen him do this many times!

Anyways I have no regrets…I am enjoying my stay! Ah…the good part: I got something free in Nigeria…yes free! Maybe not exactly free though. Internet access at an eatery :)! All I had to do was buy something (that is why it is not free otherwise it is) and trust me I buy a cold bottle (plastic actually) of my favourite drink and while I read my mails and write replies, I sip along…the other catch is there is no power source so when your power is exhausted you are forced (not literarily) to leave – and in my case to come again.






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