Another reason to laugh

Not laugh for joy or relief.

But to laugh at yet another attempt to call white black, and on a grand scale.

The situation is best described by this story:

He is from avery rich background, loved by all and the envy of many. His neck is adorned with necklaces made of gold and his feet slippons made from exotic and rare animal skin. Affluence merely describes him.

He was plundered and left desolate by conniving and envious travelling (and trading) foriegners, who took away his ability to trust and love again. Cheating, lying and sin became the lot of his world. He is possessed by vanity and has no place for value.

And suddenly, without consideration for his physical and mental well being, his friends (children and relatives) decided to rehabilitate him – and what do they do? They went the way of others and bought him new cloths.

I ask, will new cloths solve his problems?

Will those put food on his table, drive commerce ( the sam,e bait with which he was attracted at first and plundered, but neccessary for continued physical and mental health – at least that is what we believe) and help him well on his way to self sustainance?

Will a new cloth do the magic? Yes they say, but time will tell.



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