Ayobami Oladejo on Careers and Career Pivots

By Ayobami Oladejo This article was first shared on Ayobami’s facebook timeline, here So, what career should you pursue? We need to be realistic and have frank discussions especially going into a new year. I guess it is no longer news that most career paths you knew are no longer viable. Why? Technology has improved […]

I am not associated with Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya’s the ‘a for the many’ project

[This disclaimer was first published on the 18th December 2018, on facebook. It is accessible at this link: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156245822163235&id=601038234] Hello World – Kindly note that I am not a collaborator or supporter of the ‘a Nigeria for the Many’ project being touted by one Mr. Olalekan Oshunkoya. It came to my attention last week Monday, 11 […]

Public service announcement!


1. Ebola virus – current outbreak most severe since first case was reported in ’76. The guys at TechCabal rigged together an easy to use information tool available to all here: http://ebolafacts.com – please share and #StaySafe 2. #DigitalLiteracy – Idiots (that’s what they are) are often on the prowl to gain access to your […]

African Round Table Discussion on CiviCRM

Update: Webinar was successful. You can view my slides below and join the conversation on Kabissa’s website. You can also download the recording here (47Mb and 1 hour long). CiviCRM is currently the only CRM tool built from grounds up to meet the needs of civil society organisations. It is free. Open source. Web based. And […]

Book publishing: Gets easier for the indie publisher

In truth indies have existed for a while long time. I know quite a few, across industries. Myself a self published author, I know going indie isn’t always the plan at the outset and isn’t always as easy as deciding to go indie. In my case, in 2004/5 when the first draft of my book was completed, […]

They are here! Wearable computers [updated]

Ok, so I missed the grand entry of wearable computers*. The entourage possibly slipped by whilst I caught a quick shuteye. But they are here and if you, like me a few moments before electing to write this post, was waiting for a/the grand launch of wearable computer devices, well you missed it and may have […]

Apply now: The Cartier Women’s Initiative

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award offers funding, coaching, networking opportunities and exposure. It is a unique opportunity for early-phase women entrepreneurs to take their companies to the next level. The Award is designed to maximize the learning experience for candidates, finalists and laureates.