Adobe changes to its terms of sse: Creatives Will Have none of that nonsense!

The dust-up began with concerns about content access.
The revised wording seemed to grant Adobe expansive rights to peek into users’ creative treasure chests. Creatives worried that their precious work could be used for purposes far beyond what Adobe initially explained. Was this a prelude to a future where Adobe could pilfer their ideas and content to fuel their fancy new AI art tools and definitively replace creatives? The lack of clarity fueled the fire.

To panic. Or not to panic.

In history, changes like this have come along often. Panic like I hinted above comes to play. But after all is said and done, we find that the panic was a waste of good energy – energy that could have been applied to some good use at the time.

A thing or two about vanity metrics

Vanity metrics mean or measure nothing. Well, except to stoke ego of those reporting these vain metrics or used to hide a problem. Whilst saying your company moved goods worth US$ 6Billion in the first quarter of 2020, sounds good to the ears, it really doesn’t say much.  Except, if your shareholders have invested in […]

Time for a wearable for the masses? (I)*

Apple has announced its retinue of smart watches. The Curpertino, California based company, which currently has the most cash in its bank accounts compared to any other company in the world today, has been long rumoured to be working on an offering in this category of consumer goods. If history repeats itself, Apple will disrupt […]

One long telephone call overseas – a short story, not 100% fiction

I stared briefly at the call duration, 59:28. Reached for my ear instinctively. Slowly massaging it. Dissipating the heat from having held the mobile phone against it for so long. Funny, I didn’t even feel the phone heating up and warming up my ear. But I did feel the discomfort, or so I thought. Next […]

Yes, we do magic…

But not (a lot of) mind reading. First we need to understand the requirements. Yes, you need to tell us what is on your mind. Then we need to verify the underlying business case. Not always our business, but (a) it is a value added service to make all our lives easier, yours mostly and […]

Please keep the change….

She looked at me dazed with surprise. Indeed the change was large. What she did not know was that, she had made my day and my generosity stemmed from plain appreciation of the service she had rendered. Yes, she was doing her job. But she did it so well, I looked forward to going back […]

IT, a business partner and nothing else

If your aim for the C-Suite is mainly to prove that geeks can become executives too, then you may be in for the short-haul and smarter techheads may be ousting you soon or you may just dissolve into oblivion and irrelevance. No enterprise need code spitting, network analysing, system designing, techies. But, a service oriented, process […]

CIO Files

Having spent the better part of the last few months (mentally) as a CIO – not quite officially designated, but have been so indeed, thought and assigned and wrestled responsibilities – and with sights firmly set to contribute to employer’s (and eventually own business’) bottom-line by taking strategic advantage of IT/IS, I elected to start this string of blog […]

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)’s new tablet dream and the question of relevance today

The OLPC initiative a valid proposition: provide ultra low-cost (and low maintenance) laptops for children (in impoverished countries). At a time, when microcomputers were quite expensive and cost upwards of $500 (for an entry-level device) and this high cost of ownership were seen as a major contributor to the digital divide. But things have since […]