Design Thinking in a Waterfall World

Note: This article has been published by: the IIBA – Modern Analyst – BA Times – As much as we like to think we are now in a dynamic and agile world, most delivery initiatives are still some shades of agile and all shades of waterfall. These initiatives could have adopted an agile […]

What if we could all be design thinkers?

Yep! That is possible. We would be doing what we are ding today in our different teams within the delivery pipeline, except that: We would be thinking more about the customer than our egos or what we believe to be smart; We would meet with real users (customers) – who have bought is using or […]

Design thinking is about the customer, not about design for its own sake

Yep! Design thinking may have been originally gifted to the world by industrial design firm Ideo*, **, today design thinking is as much about the design as solution architecture is about designing structures. Design thinking is an iterative process, that saves businesses from themselves and lets them interact with their customers before drawing the first […]