And today’s homily…

Our lesson for today is from the book of Olu’ chapter 15:1-10. Let us commence: 1. Thou shall not feel entitled to another person’s time. Except where you have ‘put in some deposits’ with them, and even then that deposit must be mutually acknowledged, as opposed to being acknowledged solely by the party that places […]

Playful: On calories

Dear Parliament, Having taken the time to evaluate my calorie consumption. And having noted that Saturdays are for parties and other fun activities which could induce consumption. And Sunday lunches are still a thing. I’d like to move the motion to abolish Saturday (and Sunday) calories. They should not count. They are likely to ruin […]

NASA shoots DART into Space

News: NASA DART space vehicle successfully collides with an asteroid 7 million Km in space (a distance 28 times that of the distance between the earth and its moon). NASA crafted this exercise to test man’s ability to redirect the path/orbit of an asteroid. Whilst this asteroid poses no challenge to the earth, the test […]

Microsoft Edge

I went from being a Firefox adherent for many years to being a Chrome lover. Internet Explorer was relegated to the backseat of testing web products I worked on (whilst, always, imagining why anyone was using internet explorer). I was exclusive with Chrome for more than a decade. Yes, I looked with side eye and […]

The long road from idea to revenue

(Warning: May not make a lot of sense, also, don’t take personal) First things first: idea is nothing! it is simply that thing we all have in our heads, sometimes even have on paper and that we hope it/they will somehow turn us into multi-millionaires and build us an empire. If ideas were really a thing, you’d […]


Thus far, I have spent approximately 90 minutes in traffic every day of the last three days – don’t blame me for whining, I am used to driving against the general flow of traffic until this past Monday. As there are approximately 240 work days in a year, my projection for the next 12 months, […]

some facts about diamonds (and lessons too)

Diamond used to be regarded as the hardest substance known to man. But Wurtzite Boron Nitride which shares diamond’s chemical structures, but contains different atoms, now holds that position. Diamond is a naturally occurring chemical compound made up entirely of the element carbon. It has a 3 dimension crystalline structure, responsible for its hardness.   The […]

One long telephone call overseas – a short story, not 100% fiction

I stared briefly at the call duration, 59:28. Reached for my ear instinctively. Slowly massaging it. Dissipating the heat from having held the mobile phone against it for so long. Funny, I didn’t even feel the phone heating up and warming up my ear. But I did feel the discomfort, or so I thought. Next […]

Yes, we do magic…

But not (a lot of) mind reading. First we need to understand the requirements. Yes, you need to tell us what is on your mind. Then we need to verify the underlying business case. Not always our business, but (a) it is a value added service to make all our lives easier, yours mostly and […]