Microsoft Edge

I went from being a Firefox adherent for many years to being a Chrome lover.
Internet Explorer was relegated to the backseat of testing web products I worked on (whilst, always, imagining why anyone was using internet explorer).

I was exclusive with Chrome for more than a decade. Yes, I looked with side eye and some time disdain at those who complain about Chrome and worse still those who argue that Chrome isn’t a browser.

I laughed at those who point at the resource intensity of Chrome (please: get a lot of RAM and the extra battery your computer needs and stop bitching about my Chrome).

Then came my flirtations with Edge. At first it was occasional. You know, just to get the compulsory Internet Explorer/Edge only work related bits done.

Then it became more regular.

I saw Edge more often than Chrome would like, and more often than I could have imagined.

Today, I am officially coming out of the closet to declare: I am a two browser man. Edge during the day (for obvious reasons), Chrome at every other time.

Edge on Windows. Chrome everywhere else (Mac, iOS and Android).

To be honest, Microsoft did reinvent the Internet Explorer in Edge. The same way, Windows 10, restored Operating System excellence to the levels only experienced in Windows 98.

Kudos Microsoft! And please, don’t mess this up.



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