NASA shoots DART into Space

News: NASA DART space vehicle successfully collides with an asteroid 7 million Km in space (a distance 28 times that of the distance between the earth and its moon). NASA crafted this exercise to test man’s ability to redirect the path/orbit of an asteroid. Whilst this asteroid poses no challenge to the earth, the test is possibly the beginning of an interplanetary defence system, which would see earthlings fire shots (in the form of space vehicles) at errant space rocks whose path and that of the earth could potentially cross with disaster level outcomes, in the hope of altering the course of the meandering space rock.

Me: NASA could be on to something here. Or they may have just won another ‘space’ medal.
Conspiracy theorist: How do we know it happened? How do we know it wasn’t filmed in Area 51 and then broadcast live? Don’t we have evidence that the moon landing didn’t happen? (Clue: man landed on the moon.)

Steve Banon: They are launching human 2.0. Be very worried.

Fox News: Biden is fighting a war in space that no one asked for. Asteroids are just busy minding their own business, yet we are shooting space vehicles the size of a domestic fridge at pyramid-sized asteroids. For what?

All this whilst Americans are here busy fighting inflation. Has a government been this unfocused since Obama’s war on healthcare with his Affordable care act? (Clue: the affordable care act liberalised the health insurance industry and allowed previously disadvantaged people access to the healthcare they could afford).

The Nigerian Ministry of Space: We have noted the work of NASA with pride. And given our commitment to the territorial integrity of Nigeria, we are establishing a 15man panel led by the President of the Federal Republic to investigate the immediate and remote benefits and risks of America’s DART weapon. When ready, we would act on their blue paper and convert it into a white paper.

Religious people: These Americans sha, they are looking for God in space when they should look for him in their hearts. (Clue: you don’t say;-))

PS – One story, many interpretations. And as they say these days: “it is my truth”.
PPS – There was a time truth was universal or almost. Today, truth is just someone’s opinion masquerading about town.



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