African Round Table Discussion on CiviCRM

Update: Webinar was successful. You can view my slides below and join the conversation on Kabissa’s website. You can also download the recording here (47Mb and 1 hour long). CiviCRM is currently the only CRM tool built from grounds up to meet the needs of civil society organisations. It is free. Open source. Web based. And […]

Yes, we do magic…

But not (a lot of) mind reading. First we need to understand the requirements. Yes, you need to tell us what is on your mind. Then we need to verify the underlying business case. Not always our business, but (a) it is a value added service to make all our lives easier, yours mostly and […]

IT, a business partner and nothing else

If your aim for the C-Suite is mainly to prove that geeks can become executives too, then you may be in for the short-haul and smarter techheads may be ousting you soon or you may just dissolve into oblivion and irrelevance. No enterprise need code spitting, network analysing, system designing, techies. But, a service oriented, process […]

CIO Files

Having spent the better part of the last few months (mentally) as a CIO – not quite officially designated, but have been so indeed, thought and assigned and wrestled responsibilities – and with sights firmly set to contribute to employer’s (and eventually own business’) bottom-line by taking strategic advantage of IT/IS, I elected to start this string of blog […]

Will the PC die?

This post includes a presentation, which is best viewed in full screen The Death of PC – Full Report from Business Insider from Pandora.VN

Demystifying Web Analytics

(Preferred title: What the hell is web analytics?) Web analytics is Business Intelligence (BI) for your website. Let’s start with an example. You own a shoe shop, and you want at the end of every month, quarter or year to know stuffs like:

User Permissions – Drupal Versus Joomla!

I am a big fan of Joomla! – but I am beginning to find Drupal a more flexible and perhaps powerful CMS tool in the hands of a developer , who is smart enough not to consider building his own CMS software from scratch. One such flexibility comes from the user permissions system in each […]