Vanguard online:First public high school web portal for Niger State

By Emeka Aginam   (04 March 2009) Originally posted here.  A batch A 2008 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Mr. Oluwakorede Asuni   has successfully launched the first public high school web portal in Niger State –  The system, which was created for the Government Secondary School Minna Niger State, where Mr. Asuni is […]

Exeperiences and mussings of a classroom teacher*

I teach Mathematics at the Government Secondary School Minna. It has been for me a mixed experience, but by and large I enjoy my work. Seeing the curious faces of these young men who form two groups of people I interact with daily in the class room for most of the passing year, light up […]

Duties of students

This excerpt is taken from chapter 59 of the Guanzi, a book on statecraft by legalist philosopher Guan Zhong. It is one of the earliest discussions of education in China. From Guanzi “Duties of the Student” Attributed to Guan Zhong The teacher presents his teachings; students take them as their standards. By being docile and […]

Some of …My many questions!

How many schools are in Nigeria? How many students are enrolled? How many schools provide learning opportunities? What is the distribution? What is the national ratio of teachers to students—qualified teachers? Who monitors teacher training and teachers’ continuing education? The question could go on…but besides the obvious fact that these questions points at the national […]

Covenant University: The Mobile Phone Question

In a ThisDay newspaper report on September 26, 2007, Tim Akano wrote about Covenant University’s giant learning strides under the topic, “Nigeria: Covenant Varsity Produces Int’l Programmers & IT Experts.” The report celebrated “undergraduates of the university [who] qualified as International Sun Java Certified Programmers…” Please read the full report here. One shouldn’t be surprised […]

Students’ Survival Kit: taking bold steps

Having sold over one thousand copies and with orders in several multiple thousands at the moment, I have decided to improve on the content and the look ‘n’ feel of the book to enhance the brand the book is fast becoming amongst students in Nigeria’s numerous tertiary institutions. I have worked closely with feedbacks obtained […]