African Round Table Discussion on CiviCRM

Update: Webinar was successful. You can view my slides below and join the conversation on Kabissa’s website. You can also download the recording here (47Mb and 1 hour long). CiviCRM is currently the only CRM tool built from grounds up to meet the needs of civil society organisations. It is free. Open source. Web based. And […]

WordPress networked blog: Locating blog IDs

*For some reason, you need to find the Blog ID of a specific blog in your ‘WordPress Network’ and for whatever reason, you like me want a quick, do the following: Log in to your Database (yes, you must have access to the hosting account or to your database server) Look for the table with: […]

Parts of a url

This post was copied verbatim from: Matt Cutts’ website/blog. It was originally written in 2007, but remains as valid as ever. Question: Why copy? / Answer: Why re-invent the wheel? Question: Am I in violation of copyright?/ Answer: Possibly. As there are no copyright or copyleft notice, I assume it is safe until I get […]

Demystifying Web Analytics

(Preferred title: What the hell is web analytics?) Web analytics is Business Intelligence (BI) for your website. Let’s start with an example. You own a shoe shop, and you want at the end of every month, quarter or year to know stuffs like:

User Permissions – Drupal Versus Joomla!

I am a big fan of Joomla! – but I am beginning to find Drupal a more flexible and perhaps powerful CMS tool in the hands of a developer , who is smart enough not to consider building his own CMS software from scratch. One such flexibility comes from the user permissions system in each […]