Chronicles: What do Nigerians do with Technology?

I have commenced a new effort in line woith my committment to DO and not just TALK.

This effort is aimed at exposing with energy and verve what Nigerians have done with technology (ICTs) -especially those enabled by the internet.

My motivation stemmed from my interest to stop the seemingly global blackmail that Nigerians (youth) are nothing but cyber-criminals. While I have personally withnessed the many wonderful efforts put up by young people to make this country great and many of these using the internet as a vehicle for growth and reach.  

However what we see in the press (especially foriegn) are negative stories of Nigerians and the ineternet. Recently I set up a news alert for many terms and most times (close to 18 out of 20 returns) regarding Nigeria are negative stories…‘Nigerian poses as UQW Chief Technology Officer, dupes XYZ and marries her rich cat’  are examples ofsome ot the returns (on a light note though). Someone must take up the task of telling the world the truth about Nigerian and their use of technologies …and the news abuse forced to background wher it belongs. And encourage those doing good to continue as the pay day approaches! 

One such effort ( I am not on a rebrand Nigeria campaign) on Nigerians and the ineternet in Nigeria, will focus on sharing news of the accomplishments of Nigerians based on their positive use of the internet and the resources it affords.

This effort will culminate in a book which will be presented to the public later in the year and circulated widely. The working title of the book is: Chronicles-What Nigerian Youth do with Technology.

Your contributions are welcome! This may be your opportunity to be heard – get behind your keyboard and type away your story and send a copy to (subject line: My story for Chronicles). All efforts will be acknowledged.

You may also volunteer to support this effort in other ways – I will likw to hear from you. Details of other areas where help will be appreciated will be released soon.

Nigeria is great and it is a fact, now we need to tell the world by what we do about what we have done!

Hoping to hear from you – soon!



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