Social networks (II): Twitter

I have been meaning to write and share about social networks and how they can be put to advantage by people who work in development but…for a number of reasons I have failed to do this.

However, I recently succeeded in committing pen to paper and wrote what I will like to tag Twitter (I) as I am sure there will be follow up writings afterward.

Kindly share whatever information you may have that can improve the public know on this and the general idea of social networking. Please read on:

Twitter is about the hottest social networking tool and it seems to have a strong global appeal and NEWSWEEK magazine has called it the next KILLER APP on the internet.

Twitter now provides and may continue to provide a growing potential audience for users – which may be groups and or individuals.

How does it work?

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool,that combines the global reach of networks like facebook, myspace etc. with the ease and convinice of use over many application plstforms. It simply allows you an avenue to answer the question what are you doing right now ? -that is what the advertisement on its homepage says :).
In truth you are allowed 140 characters to tell the world whatever you want to tell it – a brief announcement, post a link, recomend something and so on as ones creativity permitts.

Your friends on twitter can follow your updates using many platforms including: third party websites e.g.; twitter client (still in beta); mobile phones, website application (you can install on your website and wordpress blogsites) etc.

Users and potential users can login and sign up respectively on its homepage at

Twitter allows majorly for two types of connections (1) to follow others or; (2) to be followed by others. A third possible connection is groups but I am yet to expolore this and cannot talk about it here at this time.

To follow is to connect with people whose messages (changes in status notice) you want to be informed of. In this case each time someone you follow creates a new update it appears on your twitter page (or you get an alert via your selected medium). And following allows others to connect with you and get notified of updates to your status as they change. The catch is you can pass messages quickly to those following you by simply updating your status message.
And you can know what others want you to know by following them.

How can YOU benefit from Twitter ?
Twitter is the newest and hottest online application as we speak and it has a growing followership in terms of users who are simply in love with its convinience and techies trying to build applications and tools to interface twitter with other media (online and offline) thus furthering the ease of its use.
Thus twitter provides an avenue for driving traffic to YOUR website, blogsites, thus expanding your circle of visibility and perhaps influence in your bid to change the world – I hope.
The tool can also be used as a means of calling attention of a large audience to the issues that interests YOU and encourage them to contribute to your work in ways they can or just follow your strides and see how they may support you or replicate your activities elsewhere.

To find additional Help

Please follow this link in order to find help – twitters help tool. Or semd me an email and with specific questions and I will seek out answers.

Wish you the very best doing what you do!



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