Chronicles: What do Nigerians do with Technology?

I have commenced a new effort in line woith my committment to DO and not just TALK. This effort is aimed at exposing with energy and verve what Nigerians have done with technology (ICTs) -especially those enabled by the internet. My motivation stemmed from my interest to stop the seemingly global blackmail that Nigerians (youth) […]

Abandon TALK and begin TO DO!

Nigeria is beset by many challenges…far too numerous to enumerate here (and allow me to modestly say anywhere else). However, many have perfected the art and science of TALKING and doing nothing! Look, at the newspaper vendor stand, members of the free readers association will explain quite succinctly why we have problems in this country […]

Vanguard online:First public high school web portal for Niger State

By Emeka Aginam   (04 March 2009) Originally posted here.  A batch A 2008 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Mr. Oluwakorede Asuni   has successfully launched the first public high school web portal in Niger State –  The system, which was created for the Government Secondary School Minna Niger State, where Mr. Asuni is […]

Official Release

Official Release: Youth Corp Member Conceived, Designed and Transfers First Public School Web-portal in Niger State, Nigeria Oluwakorede Asuni, a batch A 2008 youth corp member completing his primary assignment at the Government Secondary School, Minna, Niger State has completed the design and implementation of a school web portal for Government Secondary School, Minna. […]