Bros your ranting are seriously resembling that of a sycophant (the same genre of people who have led past leaders astray and currently leading Jonathan). We trusted your vision to provide some sort of direction for young people in Nigeria being one yourself, now, all of a sudden you have gone partisan (there is no […]

Dear Sir, It was shocking-very shocking-to learn of your demise last night. Whilst I join others to wish you a safe trip to your next destination, I can not help but wonder how in humane man can be. I remember clearly how they flew you in (though we still have doubt you were on that […]

Restoring Nigeria

In case you do not know, there is a gathering storm in Nigeria and young people are at the centre of the crusade for a better Nigeria. A simple Google search will reveal a myriad of sources of information on the many things young people are doing to save their fatherland (motherland if you choose) […]

We, the youth of Nigeria…

The following was circulated about an hour ago by concerned young people in Nigeria. I support the demands being a young person myself desirous of change and development in my fatherland. I have included my name in the signature below and I implore you to add your voice and acts to this campaign. Nigeria is […]

Message from: Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of United Nations (UN)

The theme of this year’s International Youth Day -Sustainability: Our Challenge. Our Future- is a global call to action for young men and women. Our world faces multiple interconnected crises with severe and far-reaching impacts that fall disproportionately on the young. In 2007, for example, youth comprised 25 per cent of the world’s working age […]

Message from: Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO

In the midst of a series of unprecedented crises affecting the lives of young people all around the world, the theme for this year’s International Youth Day ‘Sustainability: our challenge, our future’ could not be more relevant. Sustainability refers to three facets of life which are all affected by the current turmoil: the environment, society […]

Reuben Abati’s Interesting Insights On Today’s Youth Culture…

Cross posted from Chude Jideonwo’s Notes. I will be doing a reflection shortly. You may not have noticed it: Nigeria is suffering from an identity crisis imposed on it in part by an emergent generation of irreverent and creative young Nigerians who are revising old norms and patterns. And for me nothing demonstrates this more […]