We do not have forever

We don’t have forever. So: Do it now. Quicken the pace. Take the trip. Propose to her. Start the savings account. Dip your feet in the pool. Buy and complete that course. Read that book. Lay that foundation. Sip that wine. Ask that question. Lift that weight. Crack that joke. Write that code. Teach that […]

My strength – perhaps my weakness too

Yeah – I know that quip so well. Make your weakness sound like a strength wearing a veil. So we go: I am a workaholic. I know I should do more to balance work and life, but I can not just stop myself whenever I have a deadline. Truth is, a lot of people have […]

The Golden Circle By Simon Sinek – Applied to Product Development

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle works as a good framework to guide the work of product teams. Starting with the core vision/value of the business (and/or product) – the value we seek to create – and tying this with a eloquent approach to HOW we enable the value creation process in the hands of our customers, […]

Unintended Consequences

All actions have a resulting reaction. It is a fundamental law of life and well entrenched in the laws of Physics. The witty clapback. The recoil of the gun. The sudden forward movement of the human head when a car comes to a sudden stop. Customer walking away after a terrible experience. The customer using […]

Breaking point

Elasticity is the characteristic of materials, allowing them return to form after a measure of stress. Think of elastic bands – you stretch them (stress) and they return to form (when you ease off the stress/stretching event). But every material has a point, which when stressed past, deformity – loss of form integrity – sets […]

Do you care eough?

Caring about customers is not something we say. It is something we do. Keeping the customer on long waits at the help desk. Sending out customer facing emails from noreply email address. Not honouring the customers; do not contact mandate. Not resolving the customers problem on he first or second visit. Being dishonest with the […]

Something on thoughtfulness

For the most part, I didn’t set out to be a thoughtful person. It came natural. A consequence of trying to be a decent human. I recall one of my first experiences of being called thoughtful. My friend, who was quite older sent me a message that he has lost his father. Tradition demands a […]

Hiked the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens Geological Trail

Date was 7th August, 2021. A group of us, three friends, kept our promises to each other to hike the trail – the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden’s Geological Trail. It was fun – as walking up a mountain can be. A steep climb at first – hearts racing, knees trembling, the thought of turning back […]

There are two sides to a coin, six to a cube…

Indeed, it won’t be in our generally accepted definition of a coin if it has one side or three, or four, or ten sides. It will be something else. It won’t be a cube, if it only has 5 sides, or 25. That is the power of context. Of convention. Of what has been agreed. […]