Can water go uphill?

With a need. With an understanding of how water flows and the rules that guide the flow. With determination. Water can be made to go in any direction other than that dictated by nature. In doubt? For the need of using water as energy source, man created dams. For the need of creating artificial rain, […]

Know the audience: Segment and target

Comedians know this. They know that failing to reach a room and convert them is failure. A bomb! The best of them, those we know and hear about. Have for the most part developed techniques for reading and understanding the room. Whilst it is advantageous that you know everyone in the room and their preferences […]

A thing or two about vanity metrics

Vanity metrics mean or measure nothing. Well, except to stoke ego of those reporting these vain metrics or used to hide a problem. Whilst saying your company moved goods worth US$ 6Billion in the first quarter of 2020, sounds good to the ears, it really doesn’t say much.  Except, if your shareholders have invested in […]

What if we could all be design thinkers?

Yep! That is possible. We would be doing what we are ding today in our different teams within the delivery pipeline, except that: We would be thinking more about the customer than our egos or what we believe to be smart; We would meet with real users (customers) – who have bought is using or […]


UX is the envelope with which products are delivered. Excellent UX is the package in which customer needs are met, on time, in place, and as expected. UX is how the customer experiences the product or service. The entire journey from discovery to consumption to post consumption. Brilliant UX includes brilliant UI, making the product […]

DiscourseWednesday: Attaining technological singularity & the brands of the future

Technological Singularity – is a hypothetical point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization (Wikipedia). Many envisage this time as one that will be similar to those depicted in the terminator movies (sadly this author didn’t see any of those movies and this may partly be responsible […]

Design Thinking: oh…what now?

I smell fads from a distance – doesn’t help that I poke my nose into all things I can poke it into. Some fads are good though in that when they generate sufficient buzz, they get the attention of executives who may then allocate resources to the stuff that their staff may have been asking for […]