Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Next Frontier for Human-Computer Interaction?

Whilst the full implications of these advancements are being debated, policies to guide the use of such are yet to be crafted – either because as is often the case innovation leapfrogs policy and governance or because the general implications of these advancements are yet to be fully understood or appreciated, one wonders if these advancements wouldn’t lead to further divide amongst the world’s population, similar to the digital divide occasioned by the evolution of digital.

My strength – perhaps my weakness too

Yeah – I know that quip so well. Make your weakness sound like a strength wearing a veil. So we go: I am a workaholic. I know I should do more to balance work and life, but I can not just stop myself whenever I have a deadline. Truth is, a lot of people have […]

Something on thoughtfulness

For the most part, I didn’t set out to be a thoughtful person. It came natural. A consequence of trying to be a decent human. I recall one of my first experiences of being called thoughtful. My friend, who was quite older sent me a message that he has lost his father. Tradition demands a […]

There are two sides to a coin, six to a cube…

Indeed, it won’t be in our generally accepted definition of a coin if it has one side or three, or four, or ten sides. It will be something else. It won’t be a cube, if it only has 5 sides, or 25. That is the power of context. Of convention. Of what has been agreed. […]

A thing or two about vanity metrics

Vanity metrics mean or measure nothing. Well, except to stoke ego of those reporting these vain metrics or used to hide a problem. Whilst saying your company moved goods worth US$ 6Billion in the first quarter of 2020, sounds good to the ears, it really doesn’t say much.  Except, if your shareholders have invested in […]

The long road from idea to revenue

(Warning: May not make a lot of sense, also, don’t take personal) First things first: idea is nothing! it is simply that thing we all have in our heads, sometimes even have on paper and that we hope it/they will somehow turn us into multi-millionaires and build us an empire. If ideas were really a thing, you’d […]


Thus far, I have spent approximately 90 minutes in traffic every day of the last three days – don’t blame me for whining, I am used to driving against the general flow of traffic until this past Monday. As there are approximately 240 work days in a year, my projection for the next 12 months, […]