One visa refusal, too many…*

Getting refused a visa isn’t anything I look forward to, so I always avoided applying for one except when I have strong application, one I am certain will stand the stress and strain test it might be subjected to.

Gate crashing events: Tips that worked!

Its lunch time at the launch of Google Engage in South Africa – and I thought to share tips on gate crashing registration/invitation only events.

These worked!

Public speaker ko? Public Speaker ni! A satire

by Oluwakorede Asuni on Friday, 15 October 2010 at 09:01 Original posted to facebook I am a public speaker. Yes ke, a motivational speaker. I love to speak and motivate, so it is the clear and direct career option for me. Haba, I require nothing but the idea to change the world and an energy […]

Reasons I will wait for the Playbook!

I love technology – especially if viewed from the lens “technology makes life easier”. But, in my acquisitions, I have always had one guiding principle, ‘juice out the maximum benefit per dollar invested!’ For this reason, I am not always the first of all people to buy new techs, though usually, I am the first […]

Then it hurts!

Then it hurts So close yet elusive Striving and sweating Batting and swatting Running and fighting Yet so close Yet so elusive Then it hurts! Yet another feeble attempt at poetry -don’t I just give up? beats me too 🙂

Dear Sir, It was shocking-very shocking-to learn of your demise last night. Whilst I join others to wish you a safe trip to your next destination, I can not help but wonder how in humane man can be. I remember clearly how they flew you in (though we still have doubt you were on that […]

I have tried…

I have tried many times to read the future but besides the clear reading that it will be a great one, there is nothing more specific. I seek to read tommorrow so I can plan adequately for it, but I guess I have to give up my search for specifics and go to work with […]

Another reason to laugh

Not laugh for joy or relief. But to laugh at yet another attempt to call white black, and on a grand scale. The situation is best described by this story: He is from avery rich background, loved by all and the envy of many. His neck is adorned with necklaces made of gold and his […]

Marketing Communications…

I love marketing communications. I love the practioners too. I am sure my friend Lekan Oshunkoya will be amazed at my sudden love for this human endeavor. I love to hear it right and succinctly and to pass it on as same (that may be the reason I am considering a few weeks of internship […]