We do not have forever

We don’t have forever. So: Do it now. Quicken the pace. Take the trip. Propose to her. Start the savings account. Dip your feet in the pool. Buy and complete that course. Read that book. Lay that foundation. Sip that wine. Ask that question. Lift that weight. Crack that joke. Write that code. Teach that […]

Combating Infobesity

There is no one way to combat this epidemic. However, the following steps may help one get started: (a) Awareness: Always bear in mind you are swimming in a lot of or even too much information and that this could lead to decision paralysis. (b) Start with the end in mind: Establish before starting your […]

Ayobami Oladejo on Careers and Career Pivots

By Ayobami Oladejo This article was first shared on Ayobami’s facebook timeline, here So, what career should you pursue? We need to be realistic and have frank discussions especially going into a new year. I guess it is no longer news that most career paths you knew are no longer viable. Why? Technology has improved […]

Risk and luck are both out of our hands

Risks and Luck are two sides of the same coin, sometimes the same exact same side of the same coin but viewed from different angles, or at different times of the day or an epoch  or with varying contexts. Whilst I am firmly of the opinion that all causes have an effect and that studying […]

List: Product Managers to Follow

Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list, and I will update from time to time, I can assure you that for any budding product manager, being in the company of those listed here is simply being in good company! Khadijah Abu – Head of Products, PayStack Mamuna Oladipo – VP of Product, Shopify […]

How not to fall into the trap of vanity metrics

Knowing the bit I do about YouTube’s algorithm – which is similar to most social media platform’s – its key goal is to keep viewers on the platform for as much and as long as possible, thus selecting and presenting to users, either on the users’ YouTube.com landing page, search results, or recommended videos (which […]

Baaaby! We grew the channel!!!

Yep! Erm… we did it!!! Having had some doubts – like any one starting a new career or journey would – it is quite gratifying to cross a milestone (well, I defined it, for myself). This month, I am challenging myself to publish a video daily – short, crisp, straight to the jugular conversations, but […]

You, do not have forever!

What you have is now. Only, now. And as time progresses towards the future, you have yourself instantaneous new nows.  With the old nows out of reach and now useless to you, except of course, if you have made something of the old nows which you can take along to the new now. With every […]

BA Summit 2021

The largest gathering of business analysts and business analysis in the Southern hemisphere is around the corner! This year, like last year, the conference will be virtual. However, it promises to exceed ALL expectations. The speaker line up is epic and so are the topics up for presentations and discussions. The conference is themed and […]